London Calling

I would love to hear from you if you..

  • know any leads to musician- and LGBT-friendly ACCOMMODATION that is well accessible by public transport to a nearby airport and to the cultural centres of London, for around £600-700 pcm inclusive (it would be perfect if the house has a piano that I could share, and a good kitchen)
  • would like to (re)CONNECT privately/professionally now that we’ll be living/working closer together (I’m not altogether sure which of the many lovely people I’ve met in my life now live/work in/near London, so give me a shout!)
  • have suggestions for whom to CONTACT in the arts scene to let them know I’m around. Keywords:
    • CONDUCTOR [opera/symphonic/chamber choirs — early music/contemporary music are particular interests — adventurous programming and innovative concert formats are what I live for]
    • THEATRE MAKER of contemporary music theatre [themes: identity, gender, heteronormativity, spirituality/religion, childhood]
    • COMPOSER/ARRANGER [same themes]
    • WRITER on music/performance/LGBT+ issues
  • have suggestions for London-based ORGANISATIONS that do great work regarding LGBT+ activism and/or HIV awareness, that could use a volunteer
  • have suggestions for amazing FOOD shops, areas and restaurants (keywords: pescatarian, non-European, low environmental impact)
  • have any other great IDEAS that I should know about!
Can’t wait to be living in the Smoke (so to speak) — all your suggestions will be very much appreciated!
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