Here you can find videos of my conducting and of projects I have collaborated on and performed in, as well as links to podcast episodes / talks I have been a guest on.


In English

Opera North’s Artistic Futures, about being a conductor, the challenges facing a queer person in the classical music industry, and about the production of Verdi’s La Traviata I was working on at the time (September 2022)

Ulster Orchestra’s Green Room, a YouTube conversation I had with Ruth McCarthy (CEO of Belfast’s Outburst Arts Festival) on everything queer, on my journey as an artist, and how that relates to the world of classical music (November 2022)

In Dutch

Radio 1 Kunststof, over dirigeren, nieuwe muziek, radicale openheid, en voguing (oktober 2019)

De Eeuw van de Amateur, over dirigeren, polyamorie, inclusiviteit en antiracisme (juni 2020)

Damn Honey, over polyamorie en representatie (februari 2021)

Nee Man, over genderdiversiteit (april 2021)